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Some Words About us

HISTACO is an EPC contractor in two major fields. We are active in both railway Signalling & Main Control Automation field and Telecom field. Signalling systems are provided for metro, railway and high speed train. In this special field HISTACO has entered into a an exclusive partnership contract with HollySys Beijing who is one of the famous brands worldwide. HISTACO has aimed to localize signalling equipment production to help country technology development. 

Telecom is another important field in which HISTACO has noticeable experience and accomplished project references. We are doing the whole designing & engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. Telecom is a field which is used in many industries such as railway, oil & gas, etc...  


Islamic Republic of Iran

Tehran Subway Line 7 Telecom

Tehran Metro Line 7 covers an approximate length of 26.38 km in a South-East/North direction with 23 underground stations, A7, B7, C7, D7, E7, G7/F6, H7, I7, J7/F1, L7/D3, M7, N7, O7, P7, Q7/I2, R7/E4, S7, T7/R6, U7, V7, W7, X7, Y7 of which G7/F6, 

J7/F1, L7/D3, Q7/I2, R7/E4, T7/R6 are 6 interchange stations. The end stations A7 and Y7 are island type platforms and the other stations are all of side platforms with the length of 160m. A ground level yearly workshop is located in South-East end associated with a main parking area for 40 (8-car train) trains. At the North end of the line the tunnel is extended after station Y7 and formed an underground parking line for 10 (8-car train) trains.

This section expresses the communications subsystem of line 7 of Tehran metro system, which shall provide highly reliable, sufficiently redundant, and fully operative voice and data communications over the whole line 7 premises and along tunnels and in open areas, between fixed and moving users, in normal operating conditions and in case of any malfunctioning or emergency situations. In addition to voice and conversational links, all data transmission and reception correlated to whole system 

control and operation, train control and protection, signaling, power control and SCADA, system monitoring, information system, and all other communicating subsystems shall be reliably and redundantly carried out by this subsystem.

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E & M Package 

HISTACO is ready to act as an E&M package provider in EPC contracts pattern. To provide clients with one step purchase system and to ease interfaces we offer electrical and mechanical equipment.


Designing & Engineering

HISTACO is ready to design the total required system for your projects and do the entire engineering for all the equipment and the interfaces. 



HISTACO can provide full procurement services of project equipment from different parts of the world and different brands with most competitive price and the best delivery time.




HISTACO is ready to produce and construct designed systems making sure of the quality and cost effectiveness. 



HISTACO is ready to offer installation and commissioning of systems in project site. True installation can lead to proper performance.


After Sales Services

HISTACO offers maintenance and repair of systems used in projects. Guaranteed parts services are also our responsibility.



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HISTACO believing that the core value of each organization is its human resources, has attracted skilled and hard-working people as a leader in its human resources development strategies, and, by providing the same job opportunities for the graduated endeavors to increase the Efficiency of the organization.